The end of NaBloPoMo

I made it! 30 posts in 30 days. I’ve got frustrated, bored and stressed, but this has been very rewarding. I think I’ve become a better writer, I know I have become a braver one, and I hope that will continue. I think I’ve got over some of my neuroses about blogging. Working at this pace it’s not possible to proof everything to quite the standard I’d like, and so I have definitely become more comfortable with the absence of perfection.

The thing I was the most concerned by was the idea of putting my ideas ‘out there.’ But that turned out ok too. Someone even mildly disagreed with something I said, and too my slight surprise the world didn’t end!

I’ve also been very pleasantly surprised by the support of some of my friends, whose opinions I value greatly. Their writing is prolific, accomplished and respected, and their encouragement has meant a huge amount.

I’m currently exhausted, and for that matter coming down with a cold, but this experience has definitely encouraged me to blog more. I had wondered if, by the end, I would shut down my laptop and not post anything again for 6 months. But this morning a headline caught my eye and almost without realising it I started writing about it. I didn’t ‘have’ to, as I knew that my last post of NaBloPoMo would be this easily written meta-post, and I realised then that I really want to keep this up, though probably not at the one-a-day rate.

So, to everyone who has supported and encouraged me, and everyone who has contributed to the 1,451 views I have got since I started this blog back in April, thank you! (Although based on some of the spam comments I think some of you may be bots running out of the Czech Republic.) And special thanks to my wonderful husband Terry without whom I would never have got started in the first place.

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