News and politics. Would that they never met.

Today seems to have been a bad day for politicians taking tragic and terrifying events and spinning them to their advantage. 2 days ago there was an outpouring of disgust at the Daily Mail’s vicious, manipulative and disingenuous ‘coverage’ on its front page of the Philpott case. The hate-mongering rag invited its readers to ponder […]

Is my CRM racist?

One of the frustrating things about my work is dealing with a rather antiquated system which spits out garbage whenever it comes to a name which includes an accent. I work with teachers from all over the country, and occasionally further afield, and unsurprisingly they don’t all have names like John Smith. I’m not particularly […]

The idiot tax

Apparently the price of a standard lottery ticket is doubling from £1 to £2. According to some of the faces on breakfast news this is motivated solely by greed on the part of Camelot. I feel sorry for the people who, in these straitened economic times, have this extra money taken off them every week […]