Game review: BtVS Chaos Bleeds

How do you follow up 10 hours playing the game you were obsessed by 20 years ago? By spending a further 15 hours playing the game you were obsessed by 19 years ago! After the fun but rather basic original XBox game based on the hit TV show was released in August 2022, the follow […]

Game Review: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I’d give a spoiler warning, but since this game is coming up to its 20th birthday next month, that’s probably unnecessary. Yep, it was August 2002 that everyone’s favourite Californian Nemesis of the Undead made her games console debut on XBox. As detailed at a certain BarCamp many moons ago, then written up as an […]

Far Cry: New Dawn game review

Spoilers abound! A few weeks ago, on a rare occasion of leaving my house, I found myself venturing into a CEX, where I have spent many fond minutes and pounds! As documented in my RDR2 review I had fortuitously converted my £60 of CEX credit into games back in December 2019, which got me through […]

Game review – Horizon Zero Dawn

Here be spoilers! Next up in my ongoing journey through the delights of Playstation Now is 2017 RPG Horizon Zero Dawn. There is a lot to like here. The plot is similar in scope to Mass Effect; a sweeping apocalyptic saga of survival and desperation. We get the benefit of seeing humanity’s doom play out […]

Link’s Awakening Switch review

Just over 9 years ago I came back home from my local GP, arm heavily bandaged, having had my first contraceptive implant put in. My console of choice at the time was the Nintendo Wii – a game changer (pun intended) in freeing the player from traditional controllers. No longer did the gamer need to […]

Ring Fit Adventure review

A year ago today I took delivery of the Nintendo Ring Fit gaming system, which would turn out to be a very wise lock-down investment. I haven’t completed it per se, although I have got through the main story mode. But since this is an ongoing activity, today seems as good a day as any […]

Getting my tubes tied

Content note: contains frank discussion of bodily functions. Once up on a time there was a little girl who realised she did not want to grow up to be a mummy. She was not alone in this realisation, but she was a bit anxious because lots of little girls did want to grow up to […]

Game Review: Little Nightmares

After the balmy hours of My Time At Portia, I stumbled across this brief palette cleanser of a game on PS Now. Little Nightmares is simple but difficult, scarily atmospheric and really bloody frustrating in places. You play as an unbearably slight little figure, barefoot and shrouded in a too-large yellow hooded garment. From the […]